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    I can suggest you get the CA Lisa user guide if your company is having All I can suggest you is ITKO website for tutorial Test virtualization, virtual You can register CA site and go to documentation and download the guide. To download, login to and select "Download Product", select the product name (currently listed as "LISA Service Virtualization. Learn about the architecture, key components, key use cases and benefits, tutorials (CA Application Test, CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Insight), and.

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    Itko Lisa Tutorial Download

    Home page of LISA tool. LISA Tutorial & Demonstration. LISA Tool Demo Examples (more examples can be downloaded from "Download" section). CA Service Virtualization, formerly known as LISA, captures and simulates the behavior, data and performance characteristics of complete composite application. The Download Center on CA Support Online lets you download one or more . Demo Server - Install (for new users who could benefit from tutorials). 4. the Enterprise Dashboard, setting the property.

    Features Features Comprehensive test coverage management: create, manage, analyze, and re-use your test coverage in a central repository Automated Testing Integrations TestLink : TestLink provides an API to integrate with popular automated testing tools: add, schedule and launch automated tests all from within DevTest and then track the automation results with real-time dashboards and reports. Web-based architecture: full-featured Web client. Wizard-driven test scheduling and assignment: planning wizards enables to define re-usable queries that identify the tests that need to be run. Sophisticated workflow: define workflow rules for test coverage creation and task execution. You may also create triggers that automatically notify and re-assign test tasks Fully customizable user interface: customization options including user-defined field labels, field types, drop-down menu options, master-detail relationships, and custom reports. Built-in reports and analysis: Built-in presentation quality reports to analyze testing trends, team performance, and defect capture metrics Reports: report types include customizable text reports for test coverage lists and graphic reports for test task or defect distribution and trends.

    CA Service Virtualization (LISA)

    Not suitable for small businesses. This tool is currently not supported in India. It can help the development teams to quickly mock Web services. Pros: User-friendly GUI. With a soapUI mock service, you are able to return responses via different types of methods comprising: cycled, randomized, or deterministic.

    Possible to auto-generate an initial mock.

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    Cons: This tool lacks in documentation. Sometimes you get delayed responses from the customer support.

    Click here for free download. These environments can imitate the behavior of dependent resources that are inaccessible, unavailable, or hard to configure for development or testing.

    Price involved in the initial setup of this tool is bit high. However, with the ease of creating, deploying maintaining and managing complex virtual assets, it turns out to be a very cost efficient one in the long term. Clients using this tool have experienced that their SDLC gets speed up significantly which, in turn, helps to deliver the things quickly to the testing team.

    DevTest Solutions Getting Started - CA Support

    The common data is reusable for other fields like test automation or test data management. The usage of this tool does not require much technical knowledge.

    A powerful visual interface to manage and create virtual services. Cons: The virtual asset has to be redeployed after each update. Improvements could be made in giving reports about the status of the test environments. It has only role based authorization. Java has a class URL that will help you to connect to a remote computer on the Internet. Creation of the URL object does not establish the connection with the remote machine: you'll still need to open a stream to read it.

    Usually you have to perform the following steps to read a file from the Internet: Step 1.

    Service Virtualization (formerly CA Service Virtualization) - CA Technologies

    Create and instance of the class URL Step 2. Step 3. Get a reference to an input stream of this object by calling the method URLConnection.

    Read the data from the stream use the buffered reader to speed up the process.

    Since the streams from the package java. The server you are trying to connect to has to be up and running and, in case of using http protocol, the special software Web Server has to be "listening to" the port that you specified in the URL instance. By default, Web servers are listening to the port number From the main application toolbar, click Save , or select File, Save, tutorial1. The ITR opens.

    The My Output Log Message step is run. The actual values replace the properties. The Properties tab displays the value of each property before and after the execution of the My Output LogMessage step. A value that the step created is highlighted in green.

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