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    In July Chigozie Obioma will be talking about his novel The Fishermen on World Book Favourite episodes of World Book Club, featuring Maya Angelou and. Available episodes of World Book Club. Lijia Zhang: Lotus. In Beijing discussing Lotus, about a migrant worker who ends up a prostitute in Shenzen. Podcast downloads for World Book Club. Sun 4 Nov In Beijing discussing Lotus, about a migrant worker who ends up a prostitute in Shenzen.

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    BBC World Book Club, London, United Kingdom. 60K likes. A unique global community of book lovers in discussion with some of the world's greatest writers. World Book Club is a radio programme on the BBC World Service. Each edition of the Since the programme began in it has been presented by Harriett. The latest Tweets from BBC World Book Club (@BBCWBC). One of the greatest treats of my job - sitting in studio listening to @BBCWBC recording- today.

    Although she visits her family in Nigeria once or twice each year, she will never again live in the home she once made with her proud and impatient husband. At 16, Ada also leaves Nigeria, for the United States, where she spends her turbulent college years in Virginia. While the effects of this claim might read like a curse, they are really a manifestation of a demand that she follow a predestined path. Ada is an ogbanje, a spirit child who is born repeatedly to the same parents, taunting and torturing them with many reincarnations. While most ogbanjes die as children, Ada survives into adulthood, constantly struggling against a pull towards self-annihilation. In the once beautiful city of Aleppo, the family descends into tragedy and ruin. Irrepressible Sawsan flirts with militias, the ruling party, and finally religion, seeking but never finding salvation. She and her siblings and mother are slowly choked in violence and decay, as their lives are plundered by a brutal regime. Set between the s and s, the novel unravels the systems of fear and control under Assad. With eloquence and startling honesty, it speaks of the persecution of a whole society. The story shifts in time and between characters, but Aleppo as a character is a constant, its culture and cuisine, a city with a vibrant life. In a small fishing village on the banks of the East Sea, a club-footed, cleft-lipped man marries a fifteen-year-old girl. The couple have one child, their beloved daughter Sunja. When Sunja falls pregnant by a married yakuza, the family face ruin. But then Isak, a Christian minister, offers her a chance of salvation: a new life in Japan as his wife.

    Those connections are wonderful. Almost as wonderful as finding a way to make reading a nonnegotiable part of your life. Atria on Roslyn Harbor A group of elder book lovers reads, remembers, and riles each other up.

    14 Online Book Clubs You Can Join Right Now

    Her oldest member, at Atria Hudson, is ; most here are in their 70s and 80s. A slight woman with a pixie haircut finds the book a bit over-the-top.

    The group spends a while exploring the nature of memory. People romanticize. For some, the point of these meetings is proximity—to listen to the patter, be pleasantly near others. But a few are fired up about the material. Has nobody who had a normal childhood written a memoir? Has anyone here had an easy ride straight through? The air conditioner drones. The table seats 20, and every periwinkle-hued chair is filled, as are those lining the whiteboard-clad wall, which features a massive digital clock: Here, time is everything.

    Spend it well and you might save a life. Spend it poorly—rush a medical history, overlook a symptom—and you might damage, even end, that life.

    And so today, 32 doctors, nurses, administrators, social workers, chaplains, PR strategists, and other staff have assembled to be reminded of the crux of their work: the people whose fates are in their hands. The Patient Experience Book Club reads about humans with ailments of all kinds: physical, psychological, situational. The group has read Being Mortal , a treatise on end-of-life care by surgeon-author Atul Gawande, MD ; the Margaret Edson play Wit , about a woman with terminal ovarian cancer; and the Pulitzer Prize—winning novel Tinkers , by Paul Harding, about a man on his deathbed.

    6 Online Book Clubs to Join in

    The focus of their discussion now is Hillbilly Elegy , J. Now it circles back, as ever, to healthcare. The affliction from which the protagonist and his family suffer is a familiar one: poverty. How do you help a homeless person who comes in repeatedly? Get him a home. Then he stops coming back because he can care for himself. Getting people legal assistance, food assistance? Email Address Sign Up! By clicking Sign Up! What We're Reading 1. Book clubs bring people of all backgrounds together to talk about great propellants of change: books.

    They provide people with a sense of community and remind them that they are not alone. Book clubs champion diverse thought and points of view.

    Book Clubs Are Thriving In The Internet Era

    From the members in the club to the authors of the books, voices that are not always heard finally have a chance. Empathy is built and strengthened, which is no small feat. Lifelong friendships are formed through bonding over the same book.

    Wine and cheese platters are everything.

    When everything else seems unstable, you can rely on your regularly scheduled meetings to put your mind at ease. They create a chance for conversation, which seems simple but really helps those who might not have an outlet for such things.

    Reading and finishing a book that you picked with a special group feels intimate and even more rewarding. You will learn things about each story from your book club that you may have not noticed on your own.